What you need to know about social deviant behaviour

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with social media posts, videos and news, and this can have an adverse effect on our well-being.While there is nothing wrong with this, social deviants are not in the majority and are in the minority.They are the social deviances that we can’t help but notice, or at least that we’re […]

How to treat a social butterfly

If you’re feeling a little social butterfliesy right now, you’re not alone.There are many people with social anxiety disorder, social distancing disorders, social anxiety disorders, and social butterfly disorder who are feeling isolated, alone, or confused by their social circles.For these people, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy, happy social circle.But if you’re one of them, these tips […]

How to spend your social security paycheck, but also get rid of your old accounts and get a new one

Social Security benefits are a key source of income for millions of Americans.It’s a big reason many are signing up for retirement plans or for buying a home.But the Social Security Administration has been using social media to sell people on buying new accounts to keep up with rising costs.Social media advertising is a big one.It is used to drive […]

China’s social institutions will face social deviance, social capital crisis as Beijing steps up economic growth

China’s economy is likely to grow at 7.8% this year, its fastest pace in nearly a decade, as growth in social capital, a key indicator of economic success, picks up, according to the World Bank.But as China continues to ramp up economic activity, a widening social divide in the country could undermine the nation’s economic future.In the past few years, […]

How I was one of the first people to post the link to my essay about socialism in the early 1900s

I was a sophomore in college in the mid-1920s, and one of my first posts to the alt-right blog Stormfront was the original thread for the “Stormfront Alt-Right” meme, which gained a following of alt-righters due to its “alt-right” flavor.It began with a link to an essay by a prominent American writer who argued that the United States had lost […]

The ‘Sons of Anarchy’ actress, singer and actress ‘brave’ to defend sexism

The woman who plays Margot Robbie’s girlfriend on ‘Sins of Anarchy’, has defended her actions in the film.The actress has made it clear she believes women can only be good if they are empowered, but she’s been labelled a “brave” for stepping forward in the face of misogyny.Amber Rose made the comments during an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation […]


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