What happens to Social Security’s biggest beneficiary if the Trump administration doesn’t cut the program?

Social Security, like many other federal programs, has become a target of Republican President Donald Trump’s.The president has called for cutting the program’s benefits, including those for people over 65.He has also said he wants to scrap the Social Security tax benefit.But the program is already struggling to stay afloat.As of last week, the average Social Security benefit was $1,898 […]

Why social class definition is meaningless

Why social classification is meaningless, according to the Indian Institute of Social Science (IISc).The social class categorisation system, introduced by the IITs Social Sciences department in 1980, is used to assess the socioeconomic standing of a student, and the income and expenditure of a household, for the purposes of calculating a student’s entitlement to a university degree.The concept has been […]

How to be more anti social in 2017

As anti-social is now the new “cool”, we’re not even talking about the most outrageous social media posts.What we’re talking about is how you can be more socially active in 2017.And that means more social media use.That’s what this article is all about, but in a slightly different context.How to be a more social user on social media in 2017 […]

How to make the case for your Facebook page

Social proof is an important tactic for those who want to persuade people to join their online communities.But a Facebook page’s most compelling appeal is how it can build up a following, says Mark Pincus, a research professor at the University of Virginia who studies online communities and engagement.“If you build up some momentum, you can get a big following.”A […]

What you need to know about social isolation

The term social isolation is used to describe a condition where people are isolated from their social group.You may be feeling lonely or isolated from friends and family.You are worried about being alone and not being able to get to work or school.You might be afraid of being alone in your home, or worried that other people will judge you.You […]

How to win in this football season

You’ve got to be smart, you’ve got a chance, and the only way to do it is by having fun.You have to be as creative as you can be.It’s not about winning titles or championships, but about enjoying what you do and how you play.It is about creating something fun and unique.The more creative you can make it, the more […]


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