How to build a social capital for your business

How to build a social capital for your business

Rockstar Social Club is a social networking site for members of the Catholic Social Services (CSSS) program.

It was launched by a group of bishops and nuns, and features a dedicated social capital section where members can discuss and share resources and activities related to the program.

Here are five tips for building social capital.


Ask questions, not just answer articles The site allows members to ask questions and post updates to the community, and the response is often constructive.

“We ask that we be mindful of the fact that we have a group who are actively engaged in building social cohesion, and not just answering the question,” says the website’s creator, Cassy.

“So if we’re seeing a group on a social media platform and we know it’s a group that is working together on social justice, and we see that they’re not actually engaged, we want to make sure we ask them, ‘Are you engaged?

What are you doing with the social justice movement?

Is there a way to make it better?’

That’s what we want them to ask us, so that we can then make a decision that’s not only useful, but also beneficial for their community.”

Cassy and her group of social justice-minded nuns, known as COSYS, have built an active and supportive community that includes people from diverse backgrounds, including people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ people.

“It’s not about being one-dimensional,” says Cassy, who is white.

“When we have to share our stories and be honest, it’s very empowering to be heard and heard by people that you’re not even sure you’re going to be able to relate to.”

The site’s community has been growing since the site launched in 2013, and Cassy says she’s “not sure if we’ll see another one.”


Don’t shy away from the spotlight The site has gained a lot of attention and recognition in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

“The people that we’ve been able to reach out to and share our story to are a diverse and amazing community,” says Carla Mazzoni, a senior vice president at the CSSS and a member of the board of directors.

“And that’s why we think it’s so important to take the time to learn and to build social capital.”

The website is built on the idea of connecting people in different ways, so members should not shy away.

“I think we’re not trying to create an ‘I’m just doing this because it’s cool’ community,” Mazzani says.

“There’s no one to please and there’s no ‘I don’t want to be here, but it’s the right thing to do.'”


Follow up on questions with action articles On the social capital side of things, Mazzini has a number of tips for members to follow up on and share more about social justice: “One of the things that we do is make sure that we’re always asking, ‘How do we engage with this person and what can we do to make them feel comfortable?'”

Mazz, who has worked with CSSS on several other projects, also says it’s important to follow-up with questions and comments about specific aspects of the social issues involved.

“Because you can’t do a community without an open conversation, and you can do it with the intention of sharing the information, but if you don’t get into that conversation and are just focusing on the question of ‘what are we doing right?'” she says.


Focus on what matters and share what matters article There’s one specific aspect of the CSBS program that makes the Catholic social services website different from many other social media sites.

While social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are often designed to connect with friends, CSSS is meant to connect directly with people in the community.

“Social media sites and the people who are using them for that purpose are really, really important,” Mizzoni says.

This is why Mazz and her CSSS team decided to build their own social network for members, which they call “the COSY Social Network.”

The COSy Social Network, like other social networks, can be used for “content discovery” purposes, and for “sharing resources and sharing activities related with the program,” according to the website.

The Cosy Social Group has more than 4,000 members and posts about various social justice issues and events, including LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, climate change, and more.

“You don’t have to be on social media to be part of a group, but you do have to take it seriously,” Mizneri says.

“[There’s] a lot that’s important, and they need to hear from people, so they’re very much aware of what’s happening in their community and how they can do better.”


Don the mantle of leadership by sharing resources and making


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