How to fight social media fascism

How to fight social media fascism

The social media revolution has unleashed a new wave of anti-democratic social justice warriors who seek to dismantle social contract theory, the social contract that binds political power.

And it’s not just online activists.

On Wednesday, a social media activist group called CodePink released a list of “key demands” for the Trump administration and for Congress, which is currently considering legislation to impose sanctions on Russia and China for hacking the U.S. election.

CodePink is part of the Stop the War Coalition, an anti-war group that claims it has over a million members and that its members are “regularly contacted by thousands of members across the country.”

CodePink’s demands include: a $15 minimum wage, full amnesty for all undocumented immigrants, an end to the use of military force in foreign countries and a halt to all wars.

But CodePink and its allies are hardly the only anti-Trump forces on the ground.

They’ve already begun a new round of attacks on Twitter, including the use to make a series of posts calling out Trump for allegedly supporting the spread of a false conspiracy theory about the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy.

CodePunk is a progressive social media platform that’s largely run by CodePink, a group that has become notorious for its use of social media and its aggressive anti-social justice tactics.

In a tweet that went viral, CodePunks creator and CodePink founder Alex Jones tweeted: “This is the final straw.

The president needs to stand up for what’s right.


“We are with her.

This is what #ImFor,” Jones tweeted, a reference to a tweet from former President Donald Trump that was retweeted more than 3,000 times and shared nearly 7,000 comments.

In the tweets, Jones called Trump a “disgrace” and a “wacko,” saying he was a “scumbag.”

Jones also tweeted that he’d “be going to jail” if he weren’t elected president.

The tweets came just hours after Jones and his allies launched a social network that they dubbed “CodePunk.”

CodePunker is an open platform for CodePink supporters to create content and discuss issues on the platform.

And CodePUNK is not a political organization.

It’s a platform for the CodePink movement, which aims to build a grassroots organization for progressives in the United States.

“This was the right thing to do,” said Josh Gersh, a veteran Democratic strategist and activist who worked on the Obama campaign.

“We need to be in touch with the progressive base, but we need to also engage with a broader audience of the country.

We need to talk about the issues, not just on Twitter.”

Gershi, who now works as a strategist for a progressive political organization called, said CodePUNCH is more than just a hashtag.

It has been used to launch attacks on the Trump presidency, particularly over his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey and the firing of FBI Director Robert Mueller.

“There’s a lot of money in this,” Gershe said.

“It’s a very successful organization, and there’s a real opportunity here to go after this in a way that is a much more effective way.”

And that means getting the message out in a manner that’s not only clear to people, but that’s also easy to understand.

CodeBlack is another progressive Twitter platform that CodePink co-founder Jason Kessler created to amplify CodePink messages and amplify the anti-political message.

The platform was initially created as a platform to support CodePink during the 2016 presidential campaign.

But in April, the platform shut down because CodeBlack has become too big and too influential, and because of a growing number of CodePink posts that are not consistent with CodeBlack’s ideology.

“As CodeBlack got more and more popular, we decided it was time for us to step down,” said CodeBlack creator and co-creator Jason Kessler.

“If we can’t keep up with the pressure on our message and the political tone, then we’ve got to go our own way.”

It’s not clear why CodeBlack was shut down.

Code Black, like CodePunch, is open to suggestions, but it’s unclear why it would be banned.

CodeBlue, another progressive social networking platform, also announced on Tuesday that it will cease its operations, with the exception of a handful of accounts, including CodeBlack.

A CodeBlack spokesman said the platform was shuttered for being too big, too influential and too “political.”

“While we have not formally announced any changes to our operations, we are not currently operational,” said the spokesman, who asked not to be named.

“To be clear, we have no intention of ever operating again.”

The code of conduct at CodeBlue says that “CodeBlack is committed to maintaining an open and inclusive environment, with respect for all members of the CodeBlack community.” It also


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