How to kill a Muslim, by George F. Will

How to kill a Muslim, by George F. Will

“We are now living in the age of the Muslim.”

Will’s tweet is perhaps his most poignant.

It’s a reminder of the dangers of Trump’s Islamophobic rhetoric, and the potential dangers of its consequences.

Will’s Twitter feed is full of memes, memes that he then shares to his 1.7 million followers, to keep them informed of his thoughts and feelings.

But Will has also recently been sharing videos of himself being shot at, including one showing him on a motorcycle in a shootout with police officers.

As Will explained in a March 2017 New York Times op-ed, he was shot in the leg while trying to help a wounded man.

He says he was a bystander who ran after the assailant, but he believes the officers were in self-defense.

Will said the video shows that he was “feared, even feared for my life.”

His Twitter feed shows a stream of his tweets over the past few months about Muslims and Islam, with headlines like “Donald Trump’s New Muslim Order.”

His videos and tweets are filled with Islamophobic tropes, with one showing a Muslim woman praying at a mosque.

In one tweet, Will wrote, “I have had a Muslim friend who told me, ‘Your religion is a cancer, and we are going to spread it throughout the U.S. until it destroys the American way of life.'”

“The Muslim community is the most violent, racist and intolerant people on earth,” Will said.

“We will be slaughtered if we remain silent about the problem.”

The threats against Will’s life and career aren’t limited to the Muslim community.

A March 2017 report from the Southern Poverty Law Center found that “anti-Muslim sentiment is common among white supremacist, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim hate groups.”

And, it found, hate groups often promote anti-Semitic, anti–immigrant, anti—abortion, and anti–gay rhetoric.

“These groups have the highest level of activity in the U to anti-Jewish and anti—Muslim sentiments,” the report said.

In the years since, anti-“Muslim” rhetoric has been used against a variety of people, including celebrities, politicians, and even the president himself.

Trump has repeatedly attacked the religion of Islam and called for the mass deportation of Muslims and people who do not subscribe to the tenets of Islam.

“Islam is a disease that has infected us all,” Trump said in April 2017.

“They have infiltrated every aspect of our lives.”

But Will, who was born in England, grew up in the United States.

He’s seen firsthand the effects of Islamophobia.

As a teenager, he said, he experienced racism in his hometown of Brighton, England, in which “every white person would turn their back on me and I’d have to walk away from them.”

And it wasn’t just racism, he says, but a “culture of racism and sexism.”

He says Islamophobia has become an “unmitigated disaster” in the UK, which he called “a very big problem.”

But, he continues, “the British people are doing the best they can.

They’re doing the things they can.”

In the U-turn, Will has found himself in a fight against a more dangerous form of Islamophobic ideology.

“It’s a little like a drug,” he said.

He has now spoken out against hate speech against Muslims, and has become a spokesperson for Muslims on social media.

The fight for justice against Islamophobia Will is now fighting for justice for Muslims in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack.

He believes that “we have a duty to speak out against Islamophobic hatred and bigotry and Islamophobia as a threat to all of us.”

The hashtag #NoMuslimBan, which has become one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter, has already been used by more than 5.2 million people, according to analytics firm Statista.

Will says he is speaking out because he is “very concerned” about “the fact that I’m the only person in the world who is being called out.”

And because “the American public doesn’t really know how bad this is.”

Will says the attack has “left me feeling completely helpless.”

His fight for a #NoMuslimsBan, he adds, has “created a void in the American community.”

It’s not just a hashtag.

It was the idea of a Muslim who is a Muslim and is a white American, Will said, that inspired him to speak up against Islam.

Will and the hashtag have helped his fight against Islamaphobia.

The hashtag has gone viral.

And Will has been recognized by the British government, which named him an Honorary Fellow of the British Council.

But the hashtag has also made Will a target.

His Facebook account has been removed.

In May, he spoke at the London School of Economics, where he received a standing ovation when he said that Islam “is a cancer.”

“The fact that you can call me a cancer is a bit of a slap in the face,” he told the crowd.

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