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How to make a social distancing guideline to stop trolls and spammers

How to make a social distancing guideline to stop trolls and spammers

A social distance guideline is a way to make sure your posts are posted to the right places and with the correct comments, while avoiding spam and brigading.

If you’re using the social distanced guidelines feature on Reddit, you can set them up to be automatically removed by default when you create an account.

There are a few different social distances available, but here’s how to set up your own.

To create a new social distancer, you need to add it to your sidebar.

When you first add it, you’ll need to make some choices, but in the end, you should decide how many people you want to allow to post on the subreddit.

Here are the options you can choose from: If you have more than 100 followers, you’re allowed to allow more than 1 person per comment.

If your post has more than 500 comments, you have to limit the number of comments to 5.

If a post has at least 200 comments, and you want your post to be taken down by the moderators, you must choose to have it removed by the admins.

If the subreddit you want the post removed from is a bot-generated subreddit, the moderators can remove posts that have been reported to them by a moderator.

If someone who’s been banned from the subreddit has a moderator who’s allowed them to comment on your post, that moderator can be removed from the moderation team as well.

If it’s a comment you want removed, you’ve got two options: Delete it, or comment it and it’ll be removed.

Delete your post in the subreddit that posted it, and the moderator will be able to comment your post and remove it.

Commenting your post will also remove any karma earned by it.

The moderator of the subreddit will be notified, and they can either reply to the comment or delete it, depending on how much karma you earned.

Once you comment your comment, you won’t see your karma, and a moderator will automatically remove it if they think it violates the subreddit rules.

The subreddit you comment on will then have a post history, which includes the time you commented, the date you commented and how long ago you commented.

You can delete the post from your comment history if you don’t want to see it.

Once the moderators of your subreddit have reviewed your comment and made it clear that it violates any rules, the post will be deleted.

If there’s more than one subreddit that you want a post removed by, they can all comment on the same post, and it will be removed as one post.

When a moderator removes a post, they’ll notify you, and then the moderators will either delete the comment you made or delete the subreddit with which the comment was posted.

If, for example, you made a comment about the subreddit /r/worldwidewarp, the subreddit moderators will delete the message and post it to their own subreddit.

However, they won’t remove the post, so you can comment about it on /r and see it removed.

The only way a moderator can delete a comment is by having the moderators remove it from their own sub.

A moderator can also make a rule change, by removing a post or removing karma earned from it.

They can also ban a subreddit, which means they can’t comment on it.

You’ll need a valid subreddit, but you can do that with a link to your own subreddit and a link that points to a subreddit that allows you to comment there.

If that link points to another subreddit that’s also allowing you to post there, you don-t need to register for a subreddit to do this.

You need to create a subreddit in which you want other people to post, but not in which they can comment on that subreddit.

The easiest way to do that is to create an /r sub in which the rules of your own sub are the only ones that apply to the subreddit where you want people to comment.

Here’s how you can create a /r subreddit.

Create a new subreddit with the following content: The title of your post should be the title of the thread you want it removed from.

The post itself should be a simple description of what you did and why you think it was bad.

The title, the title and description must be the same for each subreddit.

To make the title the same, use a simple hyphenation of the name of the post that follows the title.

Example: /r.submission.jpg The description of your submission should be exactly the same as the title, and be clearly stated.

For example: “This is an example of a bad submission.

I have banned this user for multiple accounts because of this post.”

The subreddit title must be exactly identical to the title in your original post, the original post must be a link, and must be posted in the exact same format as the original.

Example subreddits you can add to your subreddit: /u/SarcasticWombat , /r/(


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