How to make sure your social media accounts are secure: What you need to know

How to make sure your social media accounts are secure: What you need to know

Facebook is trying to improve security and privacy by increasing the security of its user-generated content.

The company is also updating its social security verification process to help prevent the spread of misinformation about its security.

The updates come as the social media platform continues to grapple with its growing number of security breaches, including one that resulted in the personal information of up to 20 million people being exposed.

Facebook has been criticized for not doing more to protect users and its platform.

The company also announced last week that it will begin rolling out its social media security program, which is designed to protect people from having their personal information shared with third parties and to increase the security measures it uses to prevent the use of its platform by criminals.

“We’re taking a proactive approach to our security as we continually update our products to help make sure we are protecting the security and safety of our users and our users’ data,” said Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s chief security officer, in a blog post.

The social media company said the updates are expected to go live this month.

The update comes as Facebook is attempting to increase security and improve privacy for users and to prevent them from being exposed to information they may not want to share.

The social media giant is already the subject of multiple investigations into its security, including a recent investigation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and a separate investigation by The Wall Street Journal.

According to Facebook, the security updates are part of a larger effort to improve the security posture of its service.

The updates are intended to prevent “bad actors” from being able to use the platform to spread misinformation, the company said in its blog post on Tuesday.

Facebook said the updated system is also meant to increase its “security visibility” and “security awareness” by providing users with tools to quickly flag information that they deem suspicious.

“Over time, we hope to add more tools and tools to help protect the privacy of users, as well as improve our systems to make it easier for them to share, share, and share more,” Mosseri wrote.


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