How to set up Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in the Windows 8.1 Preview

How to set up Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in the Windows 8.1 Preview

By using the Windows Phone 8.x Preview Build, it is possible to set them up and run on the new device, as Microsoft is offering.

You can get more info from the official Windows Phone website, but it is pretty clear that these settings are not available in the Preview build. 

In order to set these up, you have to go into Settings > Device Settings > Windows Phone.

In the Device Settings, you can configure your device’s network connection and other settings.

The default is set to 3G, but you can change this if you prefer.

The Settings menu will also show you a section called Device Configuration.

The section here lets you change the display size, the device’s color scheme and the display mode. 

For example, you could set the display to black and white. 

Now that you have all these settings set up, it’s time to create your account and login to it. 

You can also set up your profile by going into Settings.

In Settings, click on the plus sign and you will see a new tab. 

This is the profile page.

You will see the options to create, edit and delete profiles, but none of the profile settings are available yet. 

The only thing that is available is a profile photo and a username. 

Here you can select a photo from your device and the name. 

When you click on a profile, it will appear in the left-hand pane.

The user account and profile settings will be saved in the new profile, so you won’t have to open them up again in the future. 

Once you click Create a new profile you will be taken to the Create a New Account section. 

If you choose Create a profile for someone else, the profile will be set up for you, as well. 

A few settings are also available, like the time and location that you can set in your profile. 

There is also a profile name, but this is not displayed in the Settings menu. 

Finally, you will need to create a photo of yourself. 

It should look something like this:  This will let you see your profile picture on the left and your profile photo on the right. 

Note that you will have to choose your username when you first create a new account, so make sure that you use your correct one. 

Next, you’ll want to add some contacts and friends. 

Go to the settings menu and click on Add a Contact. 

Select a contact from the list. 

On the next page, you need to select the type of contact you want to send a message to. 

Then, select a time and date, then click Add. 

Click the Add button again to add a new contact. 

From here, you are able to change the contact’s name and add a profile picture, and you can also add a name for a friend. 

All of this is possible on the device, so there are no restrictions when it comes to setting up the social network. 

What to do if you need help with setting up Twitter or Facebook?

I am not sure how to get the settings to work properly in the Insider Preview build of Windows Phone, so I cannot offer any advice. 

However, I can tell you that you should go into the Settings Menu and click the plus icon and add the appropriate setting. 

By doing this, you should have it set up to use the new features, and if you run into any problems, you may be able to go back to the Settings page and set them back up. 

Another option that you may want to check out is the Microsoft Store app, which lets you download and install applications from the Windows Store.


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