Social Studies: How much do you know about social media?

A lot.And, according to social studies professor John Taylor of the University of Illinois, you’ll spend an average of about an hour on social media a day. This infographic explains how much you know, as well as some of the most common social media accounts you might have never heard of.You’ll also find out which social media platforms you’ll want to […]

How to use social distances to help yourself and your friends overcome social isolation

People who are socially distanced are less likely to be connected, they’re less likely have the ability to form close relationships and they’re more likely to feel lonely.So how do you help yourself, your friends and your community?How do you keep your social distance, and how can you be more socially connected?Here’s a rundown of what social distanced people can […]

A gender-neutral social media guide

Facebook users can get started in creating a gender-balanced social media experience by creating an account that matches their gender.The social media giant has created a guide for women who want to make sure their accounts reflect their identity and their interests.Facebook has introduced its own ‘gender identity guide’ to help women navigate the social network.“We know it can be […]

What is a libertarian socialist?

The term “libertarian socialist” has been coined by a group of economists and writers, including the libertarian socialist Michael Hudson.They say it refers to a type of social policy that seeks to maximise economic growth by redistributing wealth to the most needy and vulnerable members of society.According to Hudson, “the libertarian socialist is a social policy proponent who advocates a […]

How to find out if you’re living in a socialist country

Millions of Americans live in countries where their state-owned enterprises are run by socialists.The U.S. has nearly 30,000 such businesses, but a new report by the Center for American Progress finds that fewer than 20 percent of them are officially registered with the government.The center found that the number of socialists in America is actually about 1 percent of the […]

How to talk about socialism in americas social services

By Alex Fenton, TalkSport reporterThe word socialism is used in the context of social services in America.For example, if you’re a person living in America who is looking for social assistance, the government will give you money.Social Security will be paid out, and you will have access to it.If you’re looking for a job, you’ll be able to get one, […]

What’s happening in Facebook social hierarchy?

The social hierarchy that Facebook and other companies have been pushing is in the works, and it’s going to be a major shakeup for many.Facebook announced in March that it would introduce a new, more holistic approach to its algorithm to make it better at prioritizing posts from friends.The idea is that posts from different users are prioritized and the […]


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