Watch out: New rules for cyclists to protect themselves from crashes with cars

The UK government is taking action to limit the damage caused by collisions between cyclists and cars.It’s creating a system of safety rules which drivers are being encouraged to use to limit their risks when they are in an oncoming lane.The rules, which were announced on Monday, will also cover cyclists and pedestrians.“Cyclists and pedestrians are often subjected to aggressive […]

How to Stop The Social Justice Warriors

The social justice warriors are coming for you, the American people.They are coming because they are fed up with the establishment’s refusal to take on the powerful.And they want to see a president who will take the fight to the forces of social justice. The new president, Bernie Sanders, has made it clear that he is in it to win.He has […]

Venezuela socialist leader: We’ll lose Venezuela if we continue to ‘socialize’

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday said social media is not working as intended, and that social media has to be completely eliminated to achieve the socialization goals of his socialist government.In a televised address, Maduro said social networks, including Twitter and Facebook, are not working for the Venezuelan people and that the country is not a democratic society.“We will […]

Socialism vs capitalism: Social distancing vs social reformers

Socialism vs Capitalism – Social Distancing vs Social Reformers – Socialism = social justice definition Socialism = socialism.Social distancing is a term used to describe the concept of social distancing that applies to economic, social, political, and other issues.Social Distancing is defined as the ability to work with others, without fear or pressure, while being able to pursue your own […]

When you want to be an ‘Siberian’ socialist, you need to learn Russian

The word ‘socialist’ comes from the Russian word for ‘humanitarian’ or ‘human rights’.That’s because, in the past, Soviet socialism was a way to protect the poor from the wealthy.For decades, the Soviet Union helped millions of people around the world by providing humanitarian aid, education and healthcare.But the Soviet system was brutally repressive.For example, the first lady was forced to […]

Which social media documentary is best?

The following is a list of the top social media documentaries that you can watch on Netflix.These are the films that will make you think twice about social media.Netflix also has a full guide to the best social media channels for business.If you like this article, please share it.It would help our community!

Socialism meaning, social worker,Social Worker’s Association

Socialism means socialism and we have it.It means the same thing to me as democracy.It’s about having a social contract that works for everyone.Social workers, social workers’ associations and other social workers are a very important part of a socialist society.They are the first line of defense against authoritarianism.Social justice, social justice, and social justice are very important to me, […]


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