The truth about communism and socialism

The truth about communism and socialism

Social media defines communism and its supporters, and the media is awash with memes and tweets promoting them.

But what is socialism communism?

And what does it mean?

The ABC’s Anna Maria Tremonti explains.

A socialist economy is defined as a society where all members are given a fair share of the wealth, while the state controls the means of production.

It is based on property rights, where property is owned by the state.

It is also a system where people are not paid for their labour, as a rule, so the government takes its share of profit and distributes it to all members of society.

Under socialism, there is no hierarchy of income.

There is a level of equality and opportunity, with the government providing services to everyone.

Socialist countries are governed by workers’ councils, which decide how their economies operate.

The Council of Europe has also described it as “a system of governance based on the principle of mutual aid, free of hierarchy, based on respect for the rights and obligations of all, with a view to the achievement of a truly equal and prosperous society”.

The social equity movementIn this country, socialism has become synonymous with inequality, inequality that has made people feel unsafe and vulnerable.

Social inequality, in Australia, has been a growing issue for many years.

The latest research shows Australians are the most unequal nation on earth, with people living in poverty more than four times the average, and with the gap between the richest and poorest widening.

The problem is particularly acute in inner-city areas, where the social security payments are the main source of income for families.

The average income of the richest 50% of earners in Australia is $17,000 a year.

The poorest 50% receive $5,000, while families of three earn $8,000.

In inner-urban areas, the proportion of those in poverty has grown by 50% over the last 10 years, while it is up by more than 20% in regional areas.

There are two main reasons for this.

The first is that, as the Commonwealth’s largest city, Sydney, has become a major hub for social inequality, and more people live there than anywhere else in Australia.

The second is the growth in immigration.

Between 2011 and 2016, the number of migrants from China increased by 60%, from 5% of the total to 15% of people in the region.

As a result, many inner-siders are becoming frustrated and resentful of the economic status quo, and feel they are not getting a fair shake.

Many people are frustrated with how the welfare system has been set up in Australia and the system has failed them.

Many in the social equity community feel they do not deserve to be given a share of their wages, or a fair opportunity to live their lives, and that they are being left behind by society.

In 2016, in response to the government’s decision to remove the carbon tax, social equity groups have launched a social justice petition calling on the government to allow Australians to claim back their social security contributions from the Commonwealth.

But for many, the pressure is growing.

A group of 20 academics from six universities is calling for a return to the 1980s social justice reforms, which set up a national social security system that would have allowed all Australians to receive their fair share, regardless of their income, wealth, or where they lived.

The group, The New Zealand Social Equity Network, is campaigning to have a return of social security, but not for people in low-income brackets.

Social equity groups are also urging the government and the Turnbull government to do more to support disadvantaged communities.

We are really concerned that there are people that feel they don’t have a voice in the community, and it’s really important that we have that voice, said Emma Rippon, chair of the group.

She said social inequality is growing and it is the most critical issue facing Australia.

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