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What is the best restaurant in London?

What is the best restaurant in London?

We have been told by our hosts that this is a restaurant that’s just right for us, and that it’s all about the food.

But we have to admit we were a little skeptical.

And while it’s hard to say what this is, we do know that it is one of the best.

This is what we think is a good place to get a good meal in London.


The Royal Albert Hall: Located in central London, The Royal is one the best places to sit in London and has one of London’s most famous terraces.

If you’re a huge fan of the Royal Albert, you should definitely come here.

The place is also home to the best cocktails in London, with drinks like the Big Mac and the Black Cat.

You’ll also love the fact that they have the best menu in London at any time of day.

The staff is very attentive, so you’ll have a great time at this amazing place.


The House of Commons: The House is a landmark building in central England, and is home to London’s Royal Observatory.

If that isn’t enough, the building also houses the House of Lords, the Parliament and the City Hall.

It’s a very busy place, and so you will definitely have a good time here.

But there’s one other thing you should know about this place: it’s a bit on the small side.


The Parliament: This is a beautiful building in London that is a part of the British Parliament.

The building is one-of-a-kind, and its huge windows provide a great view of London from all sides.

This building also hosts a great food menu, with the best in London food coming out at every meal.


The Tate Modern: Located right outside the City of London, this building is famous for its art and architecture.

This place also hosts one of Britain’s most expensive restaurants, and if you’re in London this place is worth checking out.

This venue is also one of best in Europe, so if you want to experience the city from all angles, this is definitely a place to check out.


The Shard: Located near the Thames River in central Manchester, the Shard is one beautiful building.

It is one part of a large skyscraper that is home the offices of the City Council and other governmental agencies.

If your looking for a quiet spot to relax at, then the Shard will definitely suit you.

It also hosts the best music and art in the UK, and this is probably the best place to see them in the whole world.


The National Gallery: Located next to the Parliament, this huge building is also the home of the National Gallery of Art.

The galleries and exhibits are famous for being the most spectacular in the world.

So if you are looking for an amazing experience, then The National Library should be your top choice.


The Olympic Park: Located outside London, the Olympic Park is home of many sporting events.

You will definitely be able to see everything in London from the Olympic Games to the World Cup.

The best place for seeing all of this is the Olympic Stadium.


The Tower of London: Located on the banks of the Thames in central Kent, The Tower is also famous for hosting the London 2012 Olympic Games.

If London is your dream destination, then this is one place that will definitely make your heart happy.


The Houses of Parliament: The Houses is the largest building in the United Kingdom.

It sits on top of the London Eye, and has been the site of a lot of historic events in the city.

There is one thing that this building does well though: the food menu.

It has a great wine and beer menu, and it also offers a great atmosphere.


The Metropolitan Opera House: Located at the centre of London and the capital of England, The Metropolitan is a massive building that is one and half times as tall as the Eiffel Tower.

It houses the Houses of Commons, the House, and the House-of’s Commissioners.

If this place doesn’t have something to do with the Olympics, you may not even realize that it does.

The opera house is a must-see for any Londoner.


The Soho: Located just around the corner from the Royal Palace, Soho is a large residential area with plenty of shops, restaurants and bars.

If the city is your first stop for your London adventure, then Soho should be one of your top choices.


The Barbican: Located across the Thames from the Tower, the Barbican is the oldest and most prestigious art museum in the British capital.

The museum itself is home-like, with huge windows, so it’s easy to see all the world’s art and design.

The art collection also includes some of the most important works of art in London’s history.

It hosts a fantastic food menu that’s sure to please.


The Old Vic: Located beside the Palace of Westminster, the Old Vic is one one of Parliament


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