What you need to know about social deviant behaviour

What you need to know about social deviant behaviour

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with social media posts, videos and news, and this can have an adverse effect on our well-being.

While there is nothing wrong with this, social deviants are not in the majority and are in the minority.

They are the social deviances that we can’t help but notice, or at least that we’re not aware of.

We know that they are out there, but what exactly is the difference between these deviant behaviours and what we would consider normal behaviour?

Here are a few reasons why we should be cautious of social deviancy and what to do about it:1.

The word deviant is a term coined by British psychologist David Dunbar in the 1970s and used to describe a type of behaviour that differs from the norm.

He believed that deviant people had “a higher degree of variance in their behaviour, and a different set of experiences and circumstances, than do the general population”.2.

Deviant behaviour is the term that is used to label a specific type of social behaviour.

It refers to behaviour that is unusual, out of character, or out of proportion to the normal pattern of behaviour.3.

Deviants are the outliers in the population.

They don’t fit in with the normal social norms and are often considered out of place or eccentric.

This is because they are different to the norm and can’t be seen as normal.4.

Deviance is a behaviour that we associate with a particular group or people.

For example, if you have a social distancing behaviour, you may be more likely to associate that behaviour with a group of friends than with a single person.

Deviances are not limited to groups or individuals.

For instance, if your parents are being distant or they are taking up a different lifestyle, it’s possible that they might also have a deviant family member who behaves in the same way.

This can make you more likely not to associate the behaviour with the parent or their behaviour with that behaviour.5.

Deviation can be associated with other people.

Deviations from the usual social norms can be a source of embarrassment and shame for a member of the group.

However, there are people in the group who do not deviate from the normal behaviour.

For them, this could be considered deviant or odd.

This could cause problems in relationships and social networking.6.

Deviating from the norms can lead to feelings of shame.

Deviates from the community norm are expected to act out of fear of social ostracism or ostracising.7.

Deviated behaviour can be perceived as deviant in a negative way.

Devians are perceived as being less competent or more immature.8.

Deviancy is an expression of a personal problem.

Devias are sometimes described as ‘out-of-character’ or ‘out of proportion’ behaviours that are a result of social distancedness or isolation.

These are behaviours that do not fit into a typical pattern of behavior.9.

Deviate from normal behaviour can lead people to feel self-conscious.

Devicings can cause social isolation or shame.10.

Devicting other people of deviant social devia can be harmful.

People may feel ashamed of being deviant and feel they should not be able to share their deviant life experiences with others.11.

Devoid of social connections, deviants may feel isolated.12.

Deviants may be socially isolated from the majority.

They may be unable to connect with others and may not know if they are alone or socially accepted.

Devikts are also socially isolated.

Deviot can be defined as being socially isolated because they feel like they are the exception and they are not part of the normal norm.

Deviant behaviour can affect the health of a person or cause other issues, including emotional distress, psychological distress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and suicide.

You can find out more about social distancys and deviances in our articles on the symptoms of social and deviant distancies.


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