When it comes to social capital, the world is full of social distance

When it comes to social capital, the world is full of social distance

Social distance is one of the most important social indicators to watch in an effort to improve social cohesion and reduce inequalities. 

But how does it actually work? 

There are several ways to measure social distance. 

Firstly, there is the Social Distance Scale, which can be found on the UK government’s website. 

This is an online tool that uses data from the UK Social Mobility Commission to measure how people are faring compared to others. 

Secondly, there are social capital indicators that are based on how social distance is measured. 

For example, the New Zealand National Social Survey (NZNS) measures the degree of social capital and social distance in New Zealand, using an anonymous online survey and a sample of 1,000 people. 

The NZNS is based on a sample that is anonymous and doesn’t include any people who are not included in the survey. 

In other words, there isn’t a group of people who have access to this data. 

Thirdly, there’s the Socio-Economic Index, which is based on the OECD’s Social Development Index. 

Again, it’s based on a sample that is identifiable. 

Lastly, there is the Institutional Survey of Socio-economic Equity, which can be found at the OECD website.

The Institutional Survey is a survey of all the firms and institutions in a country, and is an excellent indicator of how people live their lives. 

It takes into account the number of firms in a given country and the proportion of firms that have more than a 5% ownership stake in a firm. 

There’s also a wealth of other indicators that can be measured.

For example, the Economic Development Index measures the extent to which countries are improving their social capital. 

And, of course, there may be the more obvious measures that are easier to measure, such as social mobility indices.

The OECD has a wide range of measures of social inequality, and these include social distance, social capital , social mobility and social mobility indicators. 

What do you think? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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