Why we’re going to the internet to save the world

Why we’re going to the internet to save the world

A viral social media campaign is about to take place in the world, and it will be led by the church. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is announcing a new program to help churches in countries that are facing a “crisis of faith” find ways to share information about faith and the gospel in ways that help people get through difficult times.

The initiative is called the “church-wide digital engagement platform.”

The church is offering a range of tools to help ministries reach a wider audience, including its digital platforms for the Church’s mission, the Church magazine and social media platforms, which allow members to share content and events in ways other church members aren’t allowed to.

In countries where religious freedom is under threat, the church is launching a new platform that is designed to help people share their personal stories, which could be used to combat extremism and extremism in the communities in which they live.

The platform will be called the Church World Wide platform and will offer an interactive platform that lets users share information and photos with a variety of audiences.

The platform will also allow the church to reach people in places where it might be difficult for others to reach them.

The Church Worldwide platform is not an official church service, but it has been designed to be.

The church will offer the platform free of charge, but those who sign up will be required to donate to the church in order to use it.

It will be used exclusively for the church’s mission and mission-related events, the LDS Church said.

The new platform, which is expected to be available this summer, will be the latest in a series of initiatives the church has undertaken to help its members. 

Earlier this year, the religious organization announced that it would be hosting a church-wide social media summit on the church digital platform, as well as a video conference on the platform. 

“Church World Wide is the church-specific platform to help us all share information, engage, and communicate, including how we can do it more effectively and better in the digital age,” said Elder Steven E. Turley, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

“Our goal is to help every church member participate, not just those who are on the ground in a country or region.”


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